Friday, January 22, 2010

Someone to Love, Something to Do, Something to Look Forward To

This is in response to PJ's blog post. Check it out here.

According to his post, people are happier when they write about these things. So, I am going to give it a go.

Someone to Love

I have been pretty lucky in this department. I have had a sweetheart since I was 14. We love one another madly and he is really my best friend. Sure, we have had our challenges in the past and present, but he is really just lovely. I don't know where I would be without him.

Besides him, I grew up with two mommies. No, I don't mean that my mother is in a same-sex relationship. My mom has a sister who is impaired, but very high-functioning. She is the happiest, most direct person you would ever want to meet. And, I had the pleasure of always being with her for most of my younger years. She taught me how to be patient and kind, no matter what. Even now, when I am having a bad day, just talking to her is really a treat because she makes things so simple and easy to understand. She is adding years to my life I am sure. So, I love and am loved so well.

Something to Do

I am employed and generally like the work that I do. I have been lucky in my professional life and have had many opportunities to do things new.
Personally, well you all know I am doing this blog and taking this journey, so I my plate is pretty full at present.

Something to Look Forward To

I really want to have a family. I have been putting it off, giving myself excuses why I am not ready, but I think I am never going to be ready. To a girl who is heavy, the idea of making a baby and being heavier is terrifying. I think I just need to go full forward and take it on. So, when my current goals are met.. This is the next journey.

So now that I wrote this, am I happier? Yeah. I am. :-)

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  1. Seems like you've got a good perspective on it. In terms of getting pregnant and having children -- it's a hard thing to really "prepare" for (mentally) but I think you do know when you're ready. I'm guessing that most likely the "being heavier" isn't the real issue. (The reality is that you may even lose weight once you are focused on providing healthy nutrition, not just for you but for another life). It may be more about accepting and loving yourself enough to want to multiply. (But what do I know!)

    If you like these sorts of exercises, I just posted a fun "change perception activity" on my blog. Enjoy!