Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Card List

This is as close as I get to the Naughty and Nice List:  who makes it on my card list this year?
I go through the address book and dutifully identify who gets and does not get a card this year.  However, it is a bit more detailed than just that. 

If you are off, then it is pretty clear that you suck... or at least at the moment you suck.

If you are in, then it really depends what kind of card and greeting that you get.
Are you close to me?  Do you get a detailed note from me?  Do you get the Merry Christmas greeting with blessings?  Do you get the more generic, Happy Holidays? 

Are you more traditional and need a more nostalgic picture on your card?  Perhaps you are more jovial and the wiener dog wearing the Jingle sweater is sufficient?  These are hard choices and hard times!  My stamps are at the ready, ready to pounce on the correct combination.

Which one would you want?  What would you want the greeting to be?

At the moment, if I were to write a Holiday greeting to myself, it would be:

Dear Missa,

You have had an incredible year.  While I know you have had your ups and downs, take note that you have made significant changes in your life.  I support you all the way.  May next year bring more of the same.

Missa xoxo
(I would choose the Wiener dog in the Jingle sweater)

Monday, December 13, 2010

My 6 am Training

Lately, I have had to play "juggle my personal and professional life" around so I can get the workout in game.
It has been a hassle at best.  So, lately, my only open hour of the day has been 6 am.  At first I thought this was going to be a real detriment to my mental health.  After all, most people should be hitting snooze at this hour.  Instead, I have found these moment enlightening and a real jump start to my day of crazy stresses and infinite jests (that is a book title, I think). 

There is something about swinging a 16kg kettle bell over my head at 6 in the morning.  It brings some clarity.  I mean, I could kill something with that thing:  especially myself.  I guess it is nice that at 6 I don't have enough time yet in my day to think of anything else but the training itself.  I am not misguided by the other thoughts that distract me like:  what is for dinner, what am I going to say to such-in-such at work today, did I leave my car lights on? 

There is just me and my fitness.  I like that.  I have been a bit lazy in my running over the past several weeks.  I think I need to re-engage and I think the mornings is the time to do it.  I am going to give it a go.  I will let you know how I turn out.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ignorance of certain subjects is a great part of wisdom

This was the quote on my tea bag today.  I have been having a good chuckle about it ever since.  I have always thought that ignorance is bliss, but I never really thought of ignorance as a sign of wisdom.  I think of all the things that I know a lot about, a little about, and absolutely nothing about.  I wonder how they stack up to who I am?

Stuff I really know:
1.  I know about music.
2.  I know how to solve logical problems.
3.  I know how to teach people so they learn.

Stuff I know a little about:
1.  I know how to give a massage. I am certified, but could know much more.
2.  I know how to exercise and eat well.
3.  I know how to travel.

Stuff I know nothing about:
1.  I don't know if my prayers mean anything.
2.  I don't know if I can sustain my weight loss.
3.  I don't know what I should know.

So, for now, I am going to think it over.