Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roasted Winter Veggies

I love roasting veggies, but I also love keeping fresh and within season. So, I threw together some of my favorite root vegetables, and it was awesome. I used portions all week.

1 Large Celery Root (I bet you haven't cooked this in a while or ever)
4 Small-Med Sweet Potatoes
4 Medium Parsnips

Set your oven to 425.
Rinse all your root veggies. I like to bake with skins on, but feel free to peel.
Cut them into quarters or 2-bigger-bite-sized pieces.
Put them in a tall baking dish, like a Corningware 1-1.5 qt glass dish. Evenly salt, pepper and Paprika the cut veggies. You don't need as much salt here because celery root is naturally salty.

Cover and bake for 45 minutes.. just leave it in there. Basically, they cook in their own juices, making a nice blend of flavor. The parsnips and sweet potato have lots of natural sweetness, combined with the saltier celery root. Take them out and let them breathe a bit before serving. Then, try not to eat them all at once! I have been having them as a yummy and ultra-filling side dish.
You can even dress up the different servings: one night I topped them with fresh horseradish, the next night I topped them with tomato and roasted red pepper. It's all about keeping it interesting, and once it's made, you have it easily at your fingertips. Enjoy!

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  1. I love roast veges too, as a winter meal. With Weight Watchers onion gravy mmmmmm