Friday, January 22, 2010

Class Motivation- Pick it Up!

Class Pick up the pace!!!! It is like crickets! I think people are genuine and want to lose weight and support one another, but gee whiz are they quiet. I guess my expectations were that I was going to feel like the class was going to be run like coaches coach a baseball or football team: we were going to all take a knee together and learn how to keep our noses to the grindstone and fight! fight! fight!

Well, I am routing for all of you out there! RAH RAH RAH! Hope you are routing for me!

This week's assignment is to revisit using canned veggies. Anyone know some good ones out there? I am not a huge fan usually because they are slimy to me.


  1. ** SPIRIT FINGERS ** Here's a suggestion: use frozen instead of canned veggies. Canned veggies ARE slimy and they are also LOADED with sodium (usually) which can really hinder weight loss.

    I also LOVE frozen fruit. My fave is doing (low sugar) instant oatmeal with some frozen blueberries or peaches (nothing added).

    RAH! RAH!

  2. For canned I don't mind corn , tomatoes and beans. Always rinse them off before you use them.
    Honestly I go with frozen 90% of the time. Fresh only when the price is right.