Saturday, February 6, 2010

Workout Swap Anyone?

I never know what to do at the gym, so I am hoping if I share with you what my weight training routine is, we can do a swap to keep all of us challenged and entertained. I like to do programs where I do not need a ton of equipment. I travel for work, so I want to do something that I can probably accomplish in a hotel gym or even in my room. I have described the exercises in such a way that you can easily Google them and get more detail on how to do them. You can also ask one of the trainers at your gym. Since I am not a fitness pro, I would review. I had a trainer at the gym review my plan and make sure that my form was ok. has been my pal.

I do the following for 3 sets of each, 12 reps per set. I will usually do the exercise with both arms at once, but feel free to do them one at a time. I have been doing this 2x’s a week for the last 2 weeks. It takes me about 25 minutes to get through 3 sets. I take breaks as needed in between sets.

1. Standing Bicep Curls with Dumbbells. I use an 8 lbs weight in each hand, but use something that puts some burn on for you. You should be struggling at the end of the 12 reps.
2. Standing Lateral Arm Raises with Dumbbells. I still use 2, 8lbs weights.
3. Standing Overhead Dumbbell Press. I use 2, 8lbs weights.
4. Lunges. I do 12 on each leg. I also do it in front of a mirror to make sure my knee doesn’t go over my toe.
5. Squats with assistance of an Exercise Ball. I have a bad back, so when I do squats, I have a tendency to over extend my lower back. By squatting while an exercise ball is against my back, it takes some of that pain away, but still allows me to get the exercise in. (Yes, you do this against a wall. No, I do not tape an exercise ball to my back).
6. Push-Ups. I am still doing the girly ones with my knees bent. But I will get there dang it!
7. Sit-Ups.
8. Reverse Sit-Ups. I do these by raising my legs and crossing my ankles. I have seen some people do it with a exercise ball.

I will look forward to seeing what all of you come back with! Happy exercising!


  1. I also travel a lot for work so I find the DVDs most helpful. In a pinch, crunches and pushups are great. You may also want to invest in resistance bands which are much easier to pack than dumbells. :-)

    For DVD's I highly recommend Yoga Booty Ballet by Totally fun, lots of variety and totally doable in hotel rooms.

  2. Forget that! We wanna know how it went with the friend! C'mon, don't leave us hanging lol

  3. @CactusFreek: We were snowed in, so I will have to wait a week to find out how our meeting goes. So, in the meantime, I have to fill my head with healthier topics :-)

  4. I weight train 3x per week. I use the exercise ball for abs a good bit. The great thing about dumbells is you can always switch it up and not get bored...

  5. I do Winsor Pilates! I love them! I can feel the muscles in my stomach and my thighs working hard!

    I have also used Walk-Away-The-Pounds! It is a really simple exercise DVD that allows you to walk in place. It is a good way to get some cardio in!

    Your blog is lovely! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on mine!

    Good luck on your weight loss journey!


  6. Here's a few from my list:

    Swiss ball Superman exercise (great for Abs)
    Seated dumbell twist
    Phantom chairs
    One-arm dumbell rows
    Plank (AKA Bridge) along with side plank
    Swiss ball crunches
    Barbell rollout (from the knees)

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