Sunday, February 14, 2010

Plus Size Moos

The clothes at these plus size stores are ridiculous. Why can’t they replicate the same fashions for plus sizes that they do for everyone else? Why does everything have to have:

-A test pattern that looks like a curtain
-Sleeves that look like dust ruffles
-A bodice that has no definition, so you look like a blueberry (I have a waist dang it!)
-Lengths of pants which are suitable for women over 6 feet
-Lengths of sleeves which are suitable for women that have been stretched on some medieval rack
-Fabrics that are so synthetic that standing near candles is seriously a hazard
-Colors that either make you look like you work in a mortuary, or Rainbow Brite

Now that I am starting to lose weight, I don’t want to invest in clothing that I absolutely despise. I find myself finding one top that I like, and then I buy it in 10 different colors. So, essentially, I look the same all the time. Why can’t I have a fashion emergency and actually have someone to answer my 911? Where are you guys shopping?

Weigh-in tomorrow. Fingers Crossed.


  1. Oh my crack me up. That is so true. I shopped at Lane Bryant before I was out of plus size clothes. I'm 5'2", so even there was hard in the length of sleeves and pants. It is really frustrating. The funny thing is when I couldn't shop there anymore, I kind of freaked out. I had no clue where to go, since I had been shopping there for over 10 years.

  2. I totally agree with you. Its such a disappointment shopping for clothes. If I'm lucky, I'll find a cute dress at Ross, other than that I find most of my stuff at Thrift Stores.

  3. And that's one of the reasons I have to get all this extra weight off. I'm not a Diva but I do care about the way I look.

  4. Yes, LOL!!! I can't believe it is THAT hard to make plus sized clothes that are decent. My problem is usually the designers assume that if you're fat you must have gigantic boobs. I'm a B cup, people!!!
    I have found nice things at Fashion Bug - they actually have tops that have a waist, and that are pretty decent looking.

  5. Amen to that! When will they ever learn to make cute clothes for plus sizes?

    BTW-- I found a new plus size site called Some of the stuff is cute, some not so much.

    Great post! Can we send a copy to all major retail chains that sell plus size clothes?


  6. It's 100% awful, and many times the clothes that are more decent are so expensive you can't afford them. When I was losing I would shop at thrift stores - but I would splurge every time I needed a new pair of jeans. They made me feel good about myself.

  7. I've personally never shopped at plus sizes because it would get me depressed so when I gain weight back, I wear baggier clothes (and lots of hoodies). BUT, I do agree. There should be good plus size fashion. I've checked Lane Bryant out but never gotten anything. They seem to not be bad.

    I have no clue though, if you do find a good plus size store, share the love!

  8. I know exactly how you feel. My biggest problem is the length of pants. I'm 5'5", not 6'4" for crap sake! And I have one top that I love, in about 6 different colors. I think this post is hilarious, and I can definitely relate to it.