Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheating Quickie Aloo Masala

I love Indian flavors, so I doctored up my own quickie version of Aloo Masala and cut out the oil. I made it last night, and it rocked my world. I found a great blog with lots of Indian recipes that seem pretty easy to follow. You should check out itsalovelyworld to review the original recipe and great photos.


Potato-4-Small-Washed, Boiled, Peeled and Cubed (I used red potatoes and nuked them for 8 minutes)
Onion-1-Small-Finely Chopped (I used frozen chopped onions and green pepper mix)
Tomato-1-Finely Chopped (I used one small can of diced tomato)
Green Chili-1-Finely Chopped (I used one tablespoon of Chilli Garlic Sauce)
Green Coriander Leaves-For Garnishing-Finely Chopped ( I only had dried parsley and coriander)
Oil-1 tbsp (nixed the oil)
Cumin Seeds-1/2 tsp (had powder, used 2x's as much)
Turmeric Powder-1/4 tsp (had powder, used 2x's as much)
Red Chili Powder-1/2 (didn't have it, so added a little paprika for color)

Coriander Powder-1 tsp
Amchur (Dry Mango) Powder-1/2 tsp (didn't have it, so didn't add it)
Salt-To Taste
Water-1 Cup (as my tomato had juice and my onions and peppers were frozen, I nixed the water)

Heat a medium pan with a lip on it. Put on high heat. Toast all the spices till the flavor begins to really come out. I did mine for about 5-7 minutes. In the meantime, nuke your potatoes. (don't forget to poke holes in them or they will POP!)
Take the onions and peppers and put them in the pan with the spices. Mix them around and make sure most of the liquid has evaporated. Add the can of tomato. Let the liquid reduce even more and salt to taste. I usually hold back on the salt till now, because the canned tomato already has salt in it. Once the liquid is reduced to about 75%, take your potatos and slice/cube them. Add them to the mixture and turn the heat down. Right before service sprinkle coriander and parsley.
HEAVEN! Makes about 6 servings.

Happy Eating! I will be adding a serving of this to my meals to really get jazzed!


  1. Missa,

    Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog. I really appreciate it :)

    That Indian dish look YUMMY!!

  2. Aloo Masala sounds delicious!! I too like Indian flavors to my food. Aloo Mutar and onions with a little Indian carrot and Poa has proven to be a really good and healthy breakfast food! Very filling too!

    Your indian dish looks extremely yummy!