Sunday, February 21, 2010

My New Toy- Daily Mile

I don't know if any of you have tried this, but I have recently fell in love with the daily mile.

I can map and track my walks, track my treadmill and angry elliptical... and it tracks how many burgers and donuts I burn. How flippin' cool?!? (and it is free)

So, You will see my donut meter on my page going forward, 'cause it's rad.
I just started yesterday, so I am not going to log all my previous miles since the demise of Ethel, but I like the idea of being able to track my fitness. I do track PA cals, but I think it will be good to show how far I have come. I need proof to remind me that I am really going somewhere, even if that somewhere is a loop around my block.

If you are also a dailymiler and want to join me, you can find me at (Missa)

I am weighing in tomorrow, but am not expecting much progress, thanks to my cold and my blah feeling. I will be happy if I just maintain.


  1. So much fun technology, so little time! It is rad! Whatever makes the journey more interesting and tangible, that's what I say.

    And, good luck tomorrow! Thanks for reciprocating with a click, a visit, and kind words. We're in this together, and we can do it.

  2. Maybe this will make you feel better! I have an award (or two) for you at my place:

    The Balance Beam

  3. Thanks for that! Have bookmarked it and will take a look later when I have more time. :o)

    Hope you're feeling better...

  4. Love, love , love Daily Mile! You need to move your meter up higher on your page - it's so cute! I'll be following your progress :)