Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spinning Win and Food Fail

I did and completed, (focus on completed), my first SPIN class.  I have been secretly plotting to do it for a while.  I tried to do one a couple years ago, but I never had the stamina.  I always whinged through the ass pain as I could never get the seat right.  I always had a reason to quit.  I considered my previous attempt to be a real failure, source of embarrassment, and I just needed to overcome it.  Even if I got through the class just once, hated it, and never did it again, I needed to know that I could do it.  I needed to validate what I kind of already knew:  That I am stronger than I was before.

Well, I did it!  And....  I really enjoyed it.  The instructor was a bit intimidating:  she was like a walking muscle with lungs.  However, I liked the music (who wouldn't like climbing a hill to Led Zeppelin?), and I felt like I could set a pace for myself and not overdo it too soon.  It helped that I have been using a heart rate monitor for a while, and know what my levels are. 

This all being said, the true test is tomorrow morning, when I wake up and hopefully can move :-) 

Now onto my food fail.  Up to this point, I have made yummy, edible food.  Today, was NOT that day.  I have been reading about the use of chocolate as a spice in food.  There are lots of health benefits to chocolate, not to mention:  'everything tastes better with chocolate!'  WRONG..  Oh so wrong.  I added cocoa powder to my veggie and tomato concoction.  It was so bitter.  Ick.  I should have dumped it, but food-guilt me, cleared my plate, bite by nasty bite.  I'm a little mad at myself for feeling guilt about food waste:  what am I 8 years old!?!  So lame of me.
I haven't given up yet on chocolate in cooking, but I think I need a recovery break.  Complete Food Fail.

I haven't written much about the things I want to try.  I find it funny that I have had this spin goal for years, and never mentioned it.  I also have been dying for a while to try chocolate in my cooking, but didn't say a word.  What do they have in common:  fear of failure.  So, I am going to, in future posts, start listing some of the things I would like to try, and goals I would like to aspire.  Getting them out there makes them real and if I make it or break it, great.  At least by putting it out there, fear of failure doesn't prevent me from putting skin in the game.


  1. I've wanted to try cooking with chocolate too! Don't worry about it - I'm anything but a cook so I experiment a lot.. and it isn't always pretty. Don't think of it as a fail, but rather a learning experience ;)

    Glad you had fun in spin!

  2. Congrats on the spinning. I've never done it. It seems super intense....so great job!!

    I hate when I continue to eat something I don't even like. Ugh!!

  3. I have the problem of continually eating what I like and not trying things I don't. lol. Congrats, Missa, on the spin class. That is AWESOME!!!

  4. I aspire to attend a Spin class so I am impressed! Go you!

  5. OH I look forward to seeing your goals in print!

  6. Good for you - spinning seems so hard to me! At least you tried the chocolate - I bet you'll find a recipe that works.

  7. I totally want to do a spin class - I'm envious!

    I don't know of a place that does this that is anywhere close to my house (that doesn't require a gym membership).

    I just want to TRY it. I bet it feels wonderful to have finished it!! :)