Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Are you on a Health Vacation?

I have not been able to make my mid-week check-in call with HMR for the last couple of weeks, thanks to my vacation.  While I was out, I noticed that my group has drastically decreased in size.  We used to be 10-12 people strong, and now there are only 5.  I worry that people are taking a health vacation.  Is there a season for health that I was missing?  Is being on a program a seasonal activity? I've been looking online to see if there are any statistics, but the only thing I saw was a vague reference to Jenny Craig and the average membership was 16 weeks. 

So, supposing it is 16 weeks, and most people start at the beginning of the year with their New Year's resolutions, then they would be on health vacation starting Mid-April.  However, I am going to juxtapose that people take mini-vacations during this 16 week period.  People take a week for Valentine's, then spring break in March, then another week for Easter-Passover holidays.  This puts us well into May, so I guess I should not be surprised that June seems like a ghost town.  

Have you noticed the same behaviors in your local support groups?  I have even noticed some of the same behaviors in many of the blogs I follow.  I have noticed fewer postings (myself included), and also blogs just disappearing into thin air.  So, here is what I suppose people:

SCHOOL IS NOT OUT.  Health doesn't get a vacation.  Put down that cupcake.  Go outside for a walk.  I am on the hook and SO ARE YOU!

On a side note, my new sneakers are making my knees hurt :-(  but I am not giving up.  I am going to continue to train with them for a week or so and see if it normalizes.  I guess my knees just like it when I roll my ankles, and now that I can't:  OUCH!


  1. I had the same problem when I got new sneakers that gave me proper arch support. All of a sudden, my knees had to be where they were MEANT to be and they screamed at me. It took about 2 weeks to adjust to a comfortable place.

    My Weight Watchers meeting has really thinned out too. In January we had a huge influx of people and now we're lucky if 20 people stay. It's ridiculous. No wonder everyone gains it back. AND!! It's winter here right now so people are eating more to stay it's a double whammy.

    Good for you for still going to your group. I couldn't do this without the people in my group.

  2. May/June is the time when people start dropping like flies. Seriously. It's kinda depressing but numbers will thin out everywhere - gyms, WW, classes, blogland.

  3. I also had the same problem when I bought shoes that were good for my over-pronating. I called the store back, and they advised to give it a week, which I did. Sure enough, after almost a week the pain went away and so did the shin splints.

  4. Ha ha! (put down that cupcake!) LOL

    I noticed a bunch of blogs disappearing around April/May in particular. I've started blogging every other day instead of every day, but I will not give up. It makes me sad that so many have though.