Sunday, June 6, 2010

Honey, I'm Home!

I went to the largest cruise ship in the world:  The Oasis of the Seas.  I have cruised many times before over the years.  Nothing was like this boat. 
1.  It is massive
2.  Although you are with 5500 passengers, you don't notice them because the boat is huge.
3.  GREAT Gym.
4.  Healthy Dining Options EVERYWHERE!
5. Lots of fun stuff (I played in a dodgeball tournament!)

So, speaking of healthy?  How did I do? Well, I have decided not to weigh myself till Monday, my usual day.  I did eat some heavier, more decadent food than I typically do and my portion sizes were 'full'.  I also had some cocktails, but hey, it is vacation!!
However, I kept up on my fitness.  I was worried that I would go to the gym the first day and then never see it again, but no!!! I got in there and got it done.  In fact, it kind of made me laugh to watch all the gym-hard's stare at the fat girl running miles on the treadmill and pumping iron. I can't blame them though.  People watching is the best thing ever on a cruise ship.  You see people doing things you would never have thought possible.

So, here are some photos from the trip.  I am doing the Biggest Loser Challenge with Katy over at Project-Look Good Naked but it just started on the 1st, while I was away from Blogger land...  One of the requirements is that I needed to provide starting photos.  Well, here they are!  The pooches and me were taken on May 28th, the photo of me in the blue dress was on May 30th, the one of me snoozin' in the Cabana was June 1 and so was the one of me smilin' in the disco!

So, today I am back 'in the box' with my eating.  I am going to get my fitness on.  AND, I am going to take some time to meditate a little.  I finished Geneen Roth's new book and I am going to give some of her suggestions a try.

Game on!


  1. WELCOME BACK! Sounds fabulous and would love to here what suggestions from the book you will be trying!

  2. Great pics!! I am going on a cruise in 5 weeks...I was hoping to be thinner...but...

  3. Nice photos! I especially like the hounds! I have two beagles.

    I admire that you know that you can get back in the box after vacation.

  4. Way to go keeping up the gym visits! Looks like you had a blast!

  5. Thanks for coming to my blog I hope you come often. I promise it isn't all about my boobs! Anyway I am jealous you got to go on a cruise. Lucky!

  6. Welcome back...I'm doing the biggest loser challenge as well! Woot!