Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sleep Monster or Sleeping Beauty

This weekend was kind of a wash.  I pretty much lazed around the house, read a book, and went to the gym.  Saturday, I did a kick-butt C25K session and felt pretty good.  Sunday, I tried the yoga thing.  I liked it because it gave my tight hips a real stretch.  I also enjoyed the total relaxation.  The class was for little over an hour, seemed peaceful and is definitely something I might do again.  It is something that I would classify as active-rest, but definitely not a workout.  There was one drawback though.

I got home at noon and then struggled to keep my eyes open all day.  I was so incredibly relaxed/sleepy.  At 5:30, I told my Sweetheart that I was going to lay down for a nap.  Well, I woke up Monday morning.  I slept almost 14 hours!!!  I have to say that Monday was kind of refreshing.  I wasn't sleepy at all and felt pretty crisp at work.  This could become addicting.  I could be taken over by a Sleep Monster.
However, I can't sleep like that all the time.  Who the heck has time to sleep that much?  If you do, I want your job.

Today is training with Debbie again.  I need to get my She-Ra attitude together to face it.
Have a great week!


  1. She-ra attitude - Love it!
    I had one of those sleeps not long ago. Just the body shutting down for maintanance?

  2. 14 Hours!!! I'm jealous. Apparently your body needed it.

  3. Oh, for 14 hours of sleep....even divided into two nights. You are living well!

  4. Yoga is amazing for stretching and toning! I love it! It's a nice relaxing break to a normal cardio routine! :)


  5. 14 hours of sleep is crazy. I'm not sure my body would do that. It wakes me up without my alarm -- that's good when I have to go to work..but some weekends I do just want to sleep in til 9 or so.

  6. holy moly! boy, your body must have really needed that rest - good for you! i'm so envious!