Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm Expecting!

Got you for a second. (No puppies for me right now.)  I am expecting to RUN my 1st 5K!

Hey go big or go home right? Well, I am scared and stoked. It is next Saturday. I will be on the tail end of week 4 of C25K, and it is a run/walk, so I totally am going for it. Prayers, and if you want, sponsorship donations are appreciated!! Just donate under my BIB 20672. You can also look on my sidebar for more details on the Revlon Run/Walk.

Cancer has definitely impacted my family. Both of my mother's parents died of cancer, my Sweetheart's grandfather lost his battle with cancer, my mother and I both have had pre-cancerous moles removed. So, I am invested to the cause, even if after 15 minutes I fall into a lump of mush.

If any of you are already doing this, then ROCK!  Let me know and I would love to see ya/meet ya/move with ya!

For the Running Pro's out there, any advice? 


  1. That's awesome that you are "expecting" -- good luck!

  2. ha ha!!! You got me, silly woman!!

    Woo hoo on your first 5K!! I am hoping to do that next year, as I gear up for a half marathon... probably won't run the whole thing, but at least part of it.

  3. That was an attention graber for sure! Good for you. Makes me want to look one up in my area. I would be walking it though...

  4. how exciting!
    1. you will be pumped with excitement, don't make the mistake of starting out too fast. you'll regret it later in the race.
    2. do not wear anything new for the race that you have never ran in before.
    3. make sure you properly hydrate the day before and morning of.
    4. have fun, you are running for a great cause!

  5. You got me too lol
    Good on you for doing it, that's awesome!
    I lost my Mum to cancer 10 years ago this Mothers day [2 days before]. Cancer sucks :o/

  6. You Go Girl! Go big or go home is right!

  7. Awesome goal!!! I am planning on running one in July. I can't wait to see how you do! :)

  8. Good grief! I really did think it was a baby announcement!

    Great goal! Have a fantastic weekend! :o)

    Patsy x