Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Being Your Own Leader

I had a great first consultation with the personal trainer.  I got to watch him train someone else, and also watch a group training class.  I was totally impressed.  He and his team actually paid attention to people's needs.  He paid attention to my needs.  He asked real questions and embraced my idea of setting a SMART goal.  I dug him.  So, I will be training 1x per week for the next 12 weeks.  My first session is on Friday.  Score!  Team Missa is growing.

Most of us are smart, resourceful people who know how to use the tools provided (books, literature, health professionals, personal trainers, etc.).  However, these are tools, not the mechanism that gets us to excel.  Our success comes from within us.  We are our own leaders of our own team.  You can do this, and not just 'cause I believe in you. 

If you Google 'leadership,' you get 148,000,000 hits. But, what if the stuff that is out there doesn't really make the mark?

So, let's get rid of some myths and BS.

1.  "Leaders are born, not made."  Totally untrue.  Most people, if called to Leadership, will come through.  I can't tell you how many blogs I have read where you guys tell me about your leadership skills:  strong mothers who care for their sick children, strong friends who help them through moves and deaths of loved ones.  You all have been a Leader for something or someone.  Channel that energy to yourselves.

  • Stay clear on your own principles and act with the courage of your convictions
  • Balance and resolve conflicting priorities, don't ignore them
  • Confront reality, not more wishful thinking
  • Take the time to pay attention to people and you, not only tasks

2.  "Leadership can be learned & read in a book."  Not really.  There are thousands of books on the subject.  Just ask your local bookseller.  They will tell you that self-help and leadership are the best-selling sections of the entire store.  You can't tell me that all these books are made with the best intentions.  I would say many, if not most are gimmicks with the intent of making $$$.  Instead:
  • Support yourself to take intelligent risks
  • Ask yourself the tough questions.  Ask yourself why, so you can understand
  • Do not shelter yourself like you would a child.  Be responsible and deal with the hard truths.
3.  "Managing is the same as Leading."  Nope.  Management is organizing a situation and executing.  Leading requires you to synergize strategy and execution. It usually involves drawing a picture of how you can get to the end of the finish line and convincing yourself and others that it is truly possible.  I think this is why I hate most managers.  They just point and shoot.  Leaders think, plan and gain understanding, all before they really execute.

So, now this is 148,000,001 for leadership.  Again, I believe in you.  Really.


  1. Agreed, having confidence in what you are doing is a big key to leading and I think you got plenty of that!

  2. very interesting! you just made me feel like i was a leader due to the fact that i have two kids. i never thought of myself that way before, so thank you!

  3. Great uplifting post! Being a leader wherever you are is a great way to think about yourself.

  4. Oh...I'm so happy you liked the trainer!! I can't wait to hear how it goes :)