Friday, April 30, 2010

On the Wagon

I kicked my own tush at the gym last night, despite it being 'family night' at the gym.  Apparently family night means hip-hop DJ's blaring tunes with the occasional 'awwww yeah, this is mah jaam!' inserted wherever necessary.  It also means dudes flexing their muscles for chicks, and chicks roaming the gym, dressed with their hair done, makeup, jewelry...  well, you get the picture.

My Sweetheart and I went together, which I always love.  He is so funny.  He was rockin' out 'his' hip-hop moves on the gym floor.  I almost fell off the Elliptical.  He has no fear or feelings of embarrassment.  He will do anything.  I admire that bravery, especially since it usually involves me laughing.  We went long this time: 1 hour 25 minutes straight of Angry Elliptical and Cross-Training.  I am always sweaty at the end, but Sweetheart is drenched like someone poured water over him.  Kinda gross, but I am kinda jealous.  To me, sweat is the battle scar of gym wars.

So, one more day till my first 5k.  Pretty darn excited.  My mother has decided to come, which means I will be doing more walking than running, I suspect, but that is OK.  We are also going to see King Tut's exhibit afterwards, so it should be a good day.  Have a great Friday!!


  1. I need to get to the gym. i joined last december and ive been to it, oh, once. i call it my fat tax. i'm just so paranoid of how i must look being all lumpy and moving. it's something i need to deal with. but my exercise motivation is its own issue. i have plenty of exercise-at-home devices to get into less scary shape before that day.

  2. great workout!!! i too feel like if i didn't get a good sweat that i didn't work hard enough.
    and please, i could use some laughs at the gym, please Sweetheart over asap! :)

  3. I have seen that exhibit and it is wonderful! Have a great time at the 5K!

  4. Good luck today! You'll rock it, I'm sure...

    Thanks for being a source of inspiration!

  5. Oooo, Missa I can't wait to hear about your 5k!!!

    I HEART sweat! It IS soooo the battle wound of a great and hard work out!!

    Your descriptions and sense of humor are so awesome! I seriously laugh out loud!! You cute woman you!! Thankyou for that!

    Big hugs.. A