Thursday, March 25, 2010

Working in Deutschland

Hi guys.  Work has gotten the better of me this week, so I have been behind on my blog reading and my posting.  So, let me give you a recap of the last few good days:

Monday:  I finished work about 6 and then went to Mainz for dinner.  it was such a cool place.  The restaurant was called Heliggeist, or 'Holy Ghost'.  So why do you ask would a restaurant be called this?  Well, it is a converted church.  Apparently the church was abandoned before WWI.  It was used as a hospital during the war, and then immediately afterward, it was a dance hall for American soldiers.  Now it is a rockin' restaurant.  Their website is here.  (yes, it is in English)
My hotel does not have a gym, so I improvised.  I danced to MTV-Germany and listened to some really Euro-trashy music and rocked out for 20 mins.

Tuesday:  Went into town and had some Thai food.  When watching what you eat, Thai for me, is an easy choice.  Lot's of broth soups, lots of flavor and great salads and fresh fruits.  I drank 2 banana wheat beers, which are the most awesome things in the world.  If you haven't tried it ever, it is totally worth it (Wheat beer + banana juice = big girl shake.)

Wednesday:  Had a salad for lunch at work.  Was kinda sleepy, but didn't think anything of it.  Then I went for a walk in the local park.  Within 15 minutes, I started to feel really whoosy.  Next thing I know:  (bluoiuouiuuoiugh)  Food Poisoning.  Produce is a danger sometimes man.  Spent the night in the fetal position wanting my Mommy.  (I wonder if that counts as a workout?)

Thursday:  Well, that is today!  Well, today I really slept it off.  I am definitely on the mend, but I feel swollen from the food poisoning.  I have been drinking some colas, which I normally don't do because of the calories, but they settle my stomach...  so, such is life.  I took a 20 minute walk outside, just to get some fresh air.  I went to a Chinese restaurant and got some Wanton soup.  It make my tummy happy.

Hopefully, tomorrow I will be back up and running and can set some real fitness in my schedule.  I am planning a nice day in  Rüdesheim on Saturday.  It is neat little town with great shops and lots of Rieslings and Sekts to try! 

I am still getting in my 3 shakes a day, and 5 fruit and veg per day as promised. Under the existing conditions, I am doing ok.  When I get home to Mr. Scale, it will tell me what the deal is :-)


  1. The banana wheat beer sounds interesting, as does the rest of your trip. Food poisoning? Wah, wah..... Sorry to hear about that.

  2. You poor poisoning. UGH!! Hope you feel better soon. Glad your days before were good. cool is that :)

  3. Cool to be working in Germany, Missa. Sounding good, except for the food poisoning :-(

  4. I hope you have a good rest of your trip. I hate that about the food poisoning. Nothing is worse than traveling and being sick. Take it easy and mend soon!

  5. Sounds quite productive! Good girl :o)
    That banana beer sounds not quite right. I would try it, given the chance though :o)

  6. Yeah those crazy Germans put fruit in their beer. June is strawberry beer month...Erdbier-Bowlen?? Something like that. Tasty, but somehow just wrong!

    I hope you are feeling better today. Who knew a salad in Germany could bring you down?

  7. wow, what an interesting trip! a lot of great stuff, but ACK - food poisoning! so glad you are on the mend because that can really keep a girl down.
    good for you for keeping to your food plan, it sounds like you are doing great!

  8. thanks so much for the video hints and everything. and yes that's a tattoo on my foot. it's just a black and white flower with vines. nothing too special but it's my favorite one out of all my tattoos :)

  9. Food poisoning away from home sounds dreadful!

    Good for you for improvising with your workouts. There are also a lot of good body weight exercises that you can do. I posted this workout that can be done in a hotel room without equipment if you are interested:

  10. Ditto on the food poisoning, that's awful!

    I'm still playing catchup too with my blog reading, so I totally understand how easy it is to get behind! :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by by blog, I'm following yours now too. Heliggeist sounds like a wild place.