Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We Be Needin' Some Rules

Like all challenges, they need to have some guidelines. Some of you emailed me with some ideas and I am down with the suggestions. 

So, here are three basic tenants:

1. You need to set a SMART goal for yourself. Something, that if you achieve it, it will enhance your health. The only thing that is fixed is the time: 12 weeks.

Examples could include: I would like to lose 1.5 pounds per week for 12 weeks ( 18lbs). Or: I would like to burn a minimum of 2000 PA Calories per week for 12 weeks (24,000 PA Calories) Or: I would like to run/walk a total of 10 miles per week for 12 weeks (120 miles).

Remember, whatever your goal is, it needs to be:






2.  We can measure these goals together. I will create a chart that can be shared and maintained by all of you. Each week, it will track two things: 1. Did you commit to your goal this week? (Y/N) 2. What is the value for this week. Remember, it needs to be something measurable. So, maybe it is -1 lb, or 2000 PA. But it is something that we will measure together. This way, we can route one another on. I would like you to post to the sheet on Monday.

3.  We will need to post/comment to at least one member of the Rat Pack daily. This means that we know someone is reading, someone is there for support.  I know most of you have quite a few following, but it is nice to know that someone is really going to look and be committed. 12 weeks of checking in on someone to make sure they check on you is kind of nice. I would also like all of you to post something to me specifically on Thursdays. This way, between your goal measurements and Thursdays, we are checking in at least twice a week and keeping one another accountable.

I will be creating a Page Link on my page where all of the challenge measurements will be displayed. We will use Google-docs to update because it allows us to maintain properly.

Throughout the 12 weeks I will dedicate at least 1-2 posts to how I am working on my SMART goal.  I will also be asking some of the blog rock stars out there to do some guest posts and weigh-in on being a Rat.  I have also asked some pro's (as in medical pro's) if they would also weigh-in.  I will keep you posted.

So, I have been thinking about possible rewards.  I feel maybe a mouse-pad with our new Rat Pal prominently displayed might be kinda cool.  The more who join, the cooler we can get.

So, for those of you who who are still interested, please send me a mail at
The more, the merrier!


  1. I like to measure my miles run by the Wii Fit because it always exaggerates how many mikes were really run!

  2. Go Missa go!!!

    Gonna be following ya and cheering you on! :)