Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 10 Weight Loss- In-Transit

Hi!  This will be a quickie for two reasons: 

1.  I already told you I did a weigh-in on Saturday instead of Monday, but this post makes it official:  I am down 5.1 lbs.  (Hold the applause till you read #2.)
2.  I am in Schnitzel-Fried, Pretzel-Brezlen, gravy-sauced, starchy eating Germany and am surrounded by only overly fatty choices of food.  Everything has sauce/gravy on it.  EVERYTHING.  I have never seen so many choices of fried cutlets of meat in my life.  Fried Veal, Fried Pork, Fried Chicken.  Variants include Fried Veal /Pork/Chicken with Cheese, Gravy or maybe an extra piece of bacon or smoked ham.  Don't get me wrong:  it is all terribly yummy, but it ain't healthy.  I suspect that I won't be sustaining these 5 pounds this week.

My hotel doesn't have a gym, so it is run around my room being an a$$ till I sweat before bed.

Talk soon.  Hope everyone is rocking out.  I am thinking of you.


  1. I hope you have fun in Germany! And that sucks about having no healthy options, at least it's yummy and not something that's weird AND unhealthy. Now that would be really awful :)

  2. Good for you exercising in less than ideal circumstances. Any chance you could do some sightseeing on foot?

    Enjoy the trip and maybe find a grocery store?

  3. Did you go to an internet cafe?

    Also, get produce anywhere. So much better than here. Wasa crackers and brie. And their granola, mmmmm. No. Produce.

  4. ack! i feel your pain! even though you are in a really cool place, you are totally out of your food comfort zone.
    i think you got some great advice - go find a grocery store, get some healthy snacks and fruit and do the best you can with your meals.
    do you have any time to go for walks, climb a bunch of stairs, grab a jump rope, something to burn some calories?

  5. Good job on the loss! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it stays! ;D

  6. Hey I had a quick question: I remember a while back that you posted a video on here about body rolls I think it was..ha. Anyway, I was wondering how you did that. I can't seem to figure out how to upload videos to my page. Thanks!!

    Also, keep up the great work!! You're doing so awesome!!! Over 30lbs...AMAZING!!

  7. Go to the supermarket and get yourself some salad stuff and containers to pack healthy foods.
    There's gotta be better exercise options. You can't walk around the block or something?
    Have a great time, and don't forget to bring home a tacky fridge magnet! lol

  8. Congratulations on the loss! I can only echo what has been said about buying food from a supermarket. :o)

    The last time I visited my sister in Munster (she lived there for a while) everyone cycled everywhere because it was so flat and they had good schemes for free (or highly subsidised) cycle hire for everyone.