Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday was a pout day. I have been having a tough time at work lately, as I am a victim of the standard company policy, 'do more with less'. Well, it is catching up with me. I don't have any more to give at the moment, so I am feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Second, I have been searching for other job opportunities. I had a really strong interview this week, and I was almost certain that I was going to get the job. Well, I got the 'thanks but no thanks' call in the middle of the crap day at work. This just put me over the edge. Not only does work suck, but I am stuck there.

My first inclination was to raid the vending machine. I held back, but I felt my face turn absolutely red. My emotions were getting the best of me. I can't work at all when I get like this. I was just too overwhelmed. So, I packed up my gear and called it a day. Did I leave early? NO.

I get to my car and I left the friggin' lights on. Battery DEAD. In the interest of full disclosure, I just did this 2 weeks ago too. Where is my mind? Called AAA, got a jump, and was home about an hour later than I planned.

Sweetheart greeted me at the door with a big hug. I stripped myself of the zoot suit and climbed into bed for a cuddle. This helped somewhat, but my energy was really drained. So, I skipped the gym and went to bed. (Damn, I promised myself no 0 PA days).

So, today is a new day. I am going to try my best not to get down. While I didn't get the job, I got some good feedback about why. It turns out that they want me to get more education on a few subjects. I have to chew on this. I love learning, but hate school (if that makes sense). Plus, school is costly. But, if I want out, then I have to do what I have to do.

Well, happy eating-exercising and all that jazz for today. In the NE, it is supposed to be pretty. Get outside.



  1. Ick...what a crummy day. I may be going back to school in the fall to finish my bachelors. Yikes!! I hate school too.

  2. I'm sorry you had such a crappy day and didn't get the job. :(

    Here's to good weather and Spring coming! I don't know about you, but I am so sick of Winter! :)

  3. you had good reason to pout! unfortunately, we all have those days some times. good for you for not raiding the vending machine. isn't that awful how our first thoughts always turn to food for comfort?
    every cloud has a silver lining, so perhaps this feedback you got about needing more education could be just the change you need to make in your life.

  4. Hitting a misery peak at current job and getting the rejection notice for a new job, UHHHGGGG!!! That is the worst and I feel for you! Been there, done that.

    It will get better; take care of yourself. You were fortunate to get some feedback. I work in recruiting and it is seldom that we say anything other than "someone else was a better fit" for the position.

  5. ((hugs)) hope this upcoming week is better for you.


  6. I totally understand! I hate my job too, but lucky for me it only runs the last 6 months of the year at most [Christmas hamper packing]. It's one of those jobs where they like to remind you of how disposable you are. One day i told them i needed a day off to visit the doctor and my boss told me that if i took the day off, i'd be replaced. I thought society in the western world had somewhat progressed from this primative thinking from the 1950's :o/
    I keep applying for jobs and getting knocked back. So when the season comes around, i go back because the bills need to be paid and the kids all want thier new DSI's/ Wii games/Jewelry etc for Christmas and work is work.
    So i REALLY feel for you with this!

  7. I hope that this next week will be a good one for you. Just think - if this was last year you might have comforted yourself with food. You have changed your way of reacting to things which is awesome! Ok, so you had a zero PA day, but you know what? You didn't go out of the box and as we both know that can be pretty tough especially when you're stressed. Just have a great 100% in the box week. Don't worry about the PA so much. Or maybe you'll do an extra long workout to make up for your zero PA day. Just keep in mind how far you've come so far and where you're going.
    I'm looking for a new job as well so I know the frustrations that you are feeling on that front. At least you got some feedback from them so you know what you should be working on. Go forth and conquer! Any change that you make will definitely make you feel better on the job front. Just think about the changes that you have made for your health and much better you are feeling now!