Sunday, March 6, 2011

While I Was Out... Running, India, Taj Mahal, e coli

I have had every desire in the world not to write on this blog.  I have breezed in a few times over the last 60 days to watch all my favorite players, but I have basically laid low.

So here is my catch up:  I've been running...  a lot.  I am still impressed with myself that I haven't caused any weird injuries and have been keeping up.  My trainer Debbie quit my gym and I am conflicted about it.  She was 'let go' because of personality clashes between her and the owner..  This makes me like the gym less, as Debbie is awesome.  She of course, got another job right away, but it is far from my home.  I don't know if I can realistically join there and be consistent.  I have to create wins for myself and I definitely don't need another excuse, like distance, to avoid being fit.

I also went on a pretty life changing trip:  I went to India for three weeks.  New Delhi to be exact.  It was like landing on another planet.  I have never seen such wealth and such poverty all at the same time.  Both tips of the scale made me incredibly uncomfortable:  one, because how do you live with yourself being so excessive, and two, how do you not do everything in your power to improve your circumstance?  But at the same time, when did I become so judgemental?  Clearly, as an American, I believe in people driving their own destiny.  This is totally the opposite of what I found in India.  There, there is a strong belief that the Gods put you in your station in life, and that is where you belong.  I could go on and on about the caste system, but its probably better you read about it on your own. 

While there, I did take a trip to the Taj Mahal.  I mean, if you are going to India, you have to go see the Taj.  So, here it is, in all its glory.  I learned some interesting things there.  Indians like to take Westerner's picture.  I think I am in at least 20 Indian's vacation albums.  I am like a space alien to them:  blond, and white as the driven snow.  I had women pet me like a dog and children touch me to see if I was made of marshmallow.

Eating in India is a real conflict.  Most dishes are vegetarian, but you can get some nice chicken and shrimp entrees.  I tried to stick to the vegetarian, which I thought would be the best prepared and also the most healthy.  I was wrong.  Many vegetarian dishes are full of gravies and oils and clarified butters.  They are heavy and sit your gullet.  However, they are yummy.  I have a new appreciation for cauliflower that I never thought I would get.  I also have a new appreciation for sanitary conditions.  During my last week there, I got violently ill.  I have not been that sick in all my memory. It was like my body hit the eject button, continuously, for 5 days.  Note to self:  e coli is nasty.  Cipro is brilliant.

Despite keeping up with my fitness and 5 whole days of expelling all possible nutrition from my body, I landed home on Tuesday and weighed 236 lbs.  This was a wake up for me that I just need to get back on a real schedule.  I can't continue to have crazy diversions in my diet, in my sleep, and in my stress.  My body just can't hack it.  I have been religious since I landed in my food intake.  I'm still a bit sick, so my exercise is a bit muted, but I am getting there. 

If India taught me anything, it is that I am so much more greatful for what I have, what I believe, and what I can become.  I am recharged.  I am again ready to make things happen for myself.  Look out, here I come.

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