Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Good Week

I admit, my latest posts have been pretty depressing.  I have been motivated to write about the things that really upset me or get me ticked off.  I'm not appologizing, but I am just sayin'.  So today, I want to list the good stuff in my pretty good week.

1.  My boss was out of the office this week, which meant I could get work done in peace.
2.  I had a good week of eating.
3.  I tried a new fitness class, and liked it. 
4.  The weather was nice, so I got to go for a walk with my Sweetheart.
5.  I was asked to apply for a new job.  I polished off my resume, and it looks really good.
6.  I saw the movie, Paul.  It was goofy and very enjoyable.
7.  I slept a bit more this week, thanks to adjusting to the time zone.
8.  My Sweetheart and I had a great meeting with the priest who will marry us.
9.  I haven't been biting my nails.
10.  I have been in touch with old friends.

So, now, if everything goes tits up, I can go back to this list and keep positive.


  1. I hope everything keeps moving in this direction!! Thinking of you - and thank you for the inspiration!! Much Love!

  2. I've had many, many "darkest of dark" posts in a row at times. Sometimes you just get in a slump and feel overwhelmed. I hope you're able to hang in there long enough to make it back on top of your game. Oh and thanks for "tits up". Loved that!

  3. Just remember - it does get better. Trust me:o)