Friday, July 23, 2010

These Hips Don't Lie

My Hips are on Fire..  and no, I am not talking about some dance move, or me shakin' my groove thang...

No, my hips hurt.  They are beyond sore.  They just nag.  Ibuprofen is not working.
I need stretches.  Good ones.  I know I am just not hitting it right.  I know I am not injured, just AGGRIVATED!!!

Please provide your besties.

Happy Fried-day....


  1. your hips are showing.... ;-)

  2. I've had a lot of hip problems in the past and I've found the stretch that works best for me.. how to explain it. I sit on the ground with both legs stretched out. Cross one foot over my leg and place it beside the outside of the other knee, then tuck the straight leg under my bum and lean forward. Okay, yeah I totally just had to get on the floor and make sure that was right...

  3. Check out Intu-Flow Joint Flexibility Routine. It has worked wonders on my arms. They still aren't 100%, but the daily pain is long gone.

  4. I had tons of hip pains when I started running - what helped is yoga...I never feel pain anymore