Monday, July 5, 2010

I ran 4 miles

Hey Y'all!  I'm home now after 2 weeks in Singapore.  I am getting way too old for the whole jet lag thing.  It really does a number on my self-control.  When I am overly tired, I just don't give my 100%.  I ate whatever while I was away, and the scale is a direct result of that.  I did not keep up with my fitness.  I only worked out 2 days each week, which is pretty darn lame.  I am kinda pissed off at myself about it, because I really want to protect this weight loss.  So, to punish myself, I ran a Firecracker 4 miler on July 4th. 

I just landed the afternoon before (22 hours in flight), which makes you dehydrated and sleep deprived.  However, since I woke up at 4 am, a 9:30 run didn't seem so bad...  or at least not at the moment.  Here are the wins:

1.  I ran consistently.  I did not stop or walk.  I ran slowly, but I ran 14 minute miles for each mile. 
2.  I ran within a good target heart rate.  I ran between 160-168 bpm.  This is a good place for me.
3.  I kept cool.  It was hot.  I watched people overdo it, not finish, and I wasn't one of them.

Here are the bads:

1.  I was almost the last to finish.  Just completing was my goal, but I certainly didn't want to be last.  I think I finished ahead of about 10 people out of about 1000.  I felt really self-conscious.  I am really tired of being the fat chick that people stare at. (or at least feeling like the one being stared at). 
2.  Afterward, I felt OK.  I didn't eat much before the race.  So, I ate a banana and drank some water.  Seemed harmless right?
3.  I drove home.  I felt a strange pain in my tummy.  So, I drove really fast.  Move immediately to the commode.  Super barf, followed by 5 hour nap.  So much for the 4th.

I know I am not the first person to puke after a run, but I wonder what ultimately did me in.  Was it the banana?  Did I drink not enough/too much water?  Did I push myself too far?  I may never know.
So, this week's goal is to get back on schedule and back on my routine.  Yay being home! Yay running 4 miles.


  1. I've got to hand it to you, when you say you are going to get back to it, you really do. Sorry you didn't feel well after the run. Hope you get passed the jet lag quickly.

  2. That was a very ambitious undertaking. I think it's great that you finished, no matter in what place. That's stamina, Girl!

    I used to like bananas, but they don't like me back anymore. In the heat, I can see how a (greasy) banana would send you to the porcelain bus. Live and learn!

  3. That is a huge accomplishment - congrats! I know what you mean about being self-conscious but think of all the people watching you who didn't even try to do the run at all. You sure beat them!!

  4. I say congratulations to you!! Even with the barriers in your way, you did it anyhow!