Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Down and Out in NJ

It is super hot here in New Jersey.  Depressingly, Scorching, Simmering.  The kind of hot that prevents progress, that prevents anyone who does not have a death wish, from doing anything overly physical.  I am relegated to my couch.  I am finding that even working out in the house feels oppressive, as my air conditioning just doesn't get enough of the humidity out of the air.

I am making excuses of course.  I am in a funk.  I gained for the whole time I was away on business and it is totally my fault.  The end of my 12 week push was non-existent.  I am also off guard, because I didn't plan my next 12 week push.  I should have already started it last week!!  So, this is me, unplanned and unprepared, like the kid in the back of the class, who emphatically says the 'dog ate my homework'. 

I need a 12 week, SMART goal.  I am coming up on empty.  Any help, anyone? I need some sort of goal to get me jump started. 

Missa will ________ for the next 12 weeks.  Please fill in the blank for me.


  1. I feel ya, hon, 'cause this heat does me in something fierce.

  2. Missa will take one spin class a week (or as many as ass will withstand) for the next 12 weeks. How's that?

  3. Sorry to read it is so hot there, but honestly, I am glad it is there not here. :-) We have had our share of three digit temps already this summer. Maybe it will cool off soon.

    Here goes:
    Missa will exercise 4 days a week for the next 12 weeks.

  4. Oh goody a challenge

    The Cheerful Missa Marvelous Bombshell will have fun and dance for the next 12 weeks!

  5. I am just encouraging you from Oregon. As far as a smart plan -- for me I had to stop doing it in weekly increments or 12 week goals, I just had to do it forever.

    Some of my goals -- move every day, for 30 minutes. Dance, walk, swim. Regardless of the weather, that's been the hardest for me.

    I am planning my meals AGAIN, keeping within my calorie agreement, and not bingding.

    Journaling to keep accountable and even.

    I am so sorry for the heat, hang in there.

  6. Hello from steamy 100 degree New Hampshire. I feel for you!! It's oppressive here too. It even seems our refridgerator isn't keeping food cold enough. weird!

    I like Steve's idea for a goal for you:

    Missa will exercise 4 days a week for the next 12 weeks.

    Stay cool..it's supposed to get better by the weekend. I sure wouldn't mind a good thunderstorm right now!