Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long-term Weight Loss May Actually Be Bad For You

I read the news everyday via RSS feed at work.  I skim the titles, get a feel for the good, the bad and the daily ugly.  Well, today I just jumped out of my chair.

Headline:  Long-term Weight Loss May Actually Be Bad For You

How can this be?!?  Does this mean I should grab the nearest cheeseburger?  Five Guy's, here I come!

HALT!  Before I chomp down, here are the highlights: Scientists in Hong Kong found
-- Fat stores all kinds of toxins and residues from the things we ingest (eat, breathe, lather on our skin)
--When we lose fat, the fat releases the toxins into our bodies
--Our bodies freak out, leading to short term and long term illnesses.

I find this study interesting (gross).  However, I think it is one sided. 
--Fat does store little nastiness in our bodies, (yuck). 
I want that OUT of me!!  Why would I let my unhealthy, unfit body deal with toxins leaching in-between my organs?!?  Ick.
--It doesn't really say if the rate of fat loss is a factor.  I think anytime you rapidly increase or decrease your weight, you are in for some unexpected health issues.  Your body wants some equilibrium.  Any rapid anything makes my body really pissed.
--I will take my chances.  The path of declining health is certain at a higher weight.  Healthy people lead better lives. 

What do you guys think?


  1. Awww. I read this standing up so I could bolt down the steps to the kitchen as soon as I read the "directions" on how to avoid long-term weight-loss.

    Well, okay, not really.

    Funny, tho. After my initial second of raised eyebrows and delight, it did occur to me that I would prefer healthy eating when it comes to daily choices rather than the cake that I crave and wish I could eat. That thought surprised me. Maybe I don't wish for that cake as much as I thought.

    I am absolutely amazed by that possibility.


  2. Hi Missa,

    I'm with you on this one!!


  3. I think that the length of time you have had said excess fat would also be a factor. But regardless just another reason to eat as healthy as possible in order to reduce amount of toxins in.

  4. You have to be so very careful with studies. As you point out, they are often one-sided. I saw this one too, and in fact, I planned on posting on it this weekend. I thought to myself, "This is all we need -- people thinking it is healthier to stay unhealthy!"

  5. Meet you at 5 Guys on 54th Street for a sloppy one..

  6. Never been to a 5 Guys - LOL

    You are totally right Missa. Very odd study really.

  7. Hi, Missa. There's an award for you on my blog. Deb

  8. Thanks for the great informtion.....