Saturday, September 4, 2010

Big Ticket Item Anxiety

I have been a busy bee lately, doing my homework and such for a few big tickets.

1.  I need a new car.  I have waited to buy one until I was officially in the need category and not in the want category.  I am genetically cheap.  I would like to say thrifty, but that isn't it.  I like a deal and I hate parting with cash.

2.  I have been scoping out wedding facilities.  Yeah, I am finally hitchin' my wagon to Sweetheart.  It has only taken us forever.  I am waiting on a meeting/confirmation on the church and then I can book, but I want to be prepared.  I have learned a few things: a. weddings are ridiculously expensive for the wedding that I want  b.  I think I might be a bridezilla because I really don't know what I want, but I am sure snippy about it.

I notice a few things about doing these tasks.  For one, I have bitten my nails down to stumps.  I am not sleeping like I should.  I have slept through my alarm or did the 'sat dazed' on the couch to the last minute.  I am just flustered by these life-changing issues.  It has also once again made me put the breaks on another big ticket item:  school.  It is important and I need to do it.  I just instill avoiding behavior.

So, for my fitness this week: 2x at the trainer, but no running thus far.  This half is not going to run itself.  There is a 5k in my town this weekend.  I think I might punish myself with it.

As for eating:  I am doing OK.  I did have a 3 slice pizza lunch and a digression with Chinese food this week.  As well, I went to the movies and smuggled in some Australian strawberry licorice.  I am absolutely addicted.  OK, so now that I write this, maybe I am not OK.  Maybe I am pushing it.  I didn't feel guilt at the time, but this confession sure is getting to me!

You might have noticed I haven't posted my weight in a few weeks.  No real reason for not doing this, but being distracted.  I feel like I haven't given it my all, and I guess I haven't felt like showing the non-movement of my numbers as a result.  Monday's weigh in will be posted, I promise.

I haven't completely melted down yet, but the pressure sure is mounting.  I worry I am headed for a disaster.  Surely, if I was where I was last December and tried to to these things, I think I would be in a coma.  Thanks for listening and being my outlet today.  Off to test-drive some cars.  At least this part should be fun!



  1. Congrats on your pending nuptials. I know you have a lot on your plate right now, but I know you can manage it all. I am trying to stay positive as I am about to be laid off. I have one more week left then the search is on.

    Good luck to you, Missa


  2. Missa, Missa, Missa....Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed, we can't see the forest through the trees.....I think it will all have a different perspective after the test drives....

  3. Being overwhelmed is such a tough feeling. But I find that blogging, or writing it down, or talking about it really does help. And we are here to listen!

    Congrats on the wedding plans!

    And thanks for the comments on my blog. I went to the dr today and it was luckily a much different experience than the awful one I expected! I am going to blog about it later.


  4. Congrats on the upcoming wagon-hitching! That is a huge life-changing event!

    Now, don't put yourself into a tizzy over the wedding celebration! It's a good thing, and it will work out.

    Car first, wedding next. You can do it!

  5. Congrats on the wedding plans! I can only imagine how that has the potential to take over your life! Put your best no-stress plan into action and take it out in the gym!

    There are a couple of really smart things about this post: 1) you admitted that you're super stressed and 2)you confessed about the food situation - those are pretty huge steps in the right direction.
    Hang in there and keep planning for success I know you can do this! - Meegan (redstar5)

  6. I am a cheap person too!

    :)I gave you an award on my blog

  7. There is an award for you on my blog :)