Monday, September 27, 2010

Back To School: Health School

Thanks to all of you guys out there for listening to me fall off the wagon, crack my head open, and spill my giggly bits all over the floor.  I did go running yesterday and got in 3.5 miles.  It wasn't a good run, but it sure was satisfying to get back on the horse.  I cleaned up my eating act yesterday, and I have been good today as well.

So, to keep me on this kick, I am going to promise that October is a blog everyday month.  I need to have a daily reminder to do something for myself.  This blog is a time for me to really brain dump all the stuff that lurks in there..  I swear that I have more than cobwebs between my ears, and I am a blond!

As well, I am going to join my weekly check in calls with my nutrition plan, HMR.  I took a break over the summer because I felt a little stuck with the meetings.  However, I am over my stucked-ness and need to embrace the reinforcement.  So kids, I am back to school... even if it is a month late!!

It is pissing down rain, so I will have to go to the gym tonight for my run.  I think 4-5 miles are in my future...


  1. Hi Missa. I think your plan to get back on track is great. We are all allowed some "off" days. After all, we are human. And you did it, got right back on track. Good for you!!!


  2. Hope you have a great run tonight!

  3. You sure are dedicated. I didn't work out today, but I did keep track of what I ate. One step at a time, right?

  4. As long as you keep getting back up!