Monday, October 4, 2010

Post 3- Driving Miss Doofus

I had to run out this evening and go buy some slacks that fit for work.  This is an exciting thing!  I got to try on some stuff in yet a smaller size.  I am officially a petite 16.  Score.

Today was a trying day.  My soccer team lost: dear Arsenal. 

I walked around NYC, and went to Eataly, so I could check it out.  Very cool.  And my favorite chef, Lidia Bastianich, was walking around the store with her mom, Ermina and granddaughter!!  Love that woman.  Her food rocks, her restaurants rock, and her cookbooks are easy to follow.

So, despite all things related to eating, I did not snack.  Not once.

We made our drive back to NJ in no time, but by the time I was home, I was hungry.  I noticed that driving while hungry was a problem.  I found myself taking the 'long' roads home, so I could pass by my favorite pizzeria, my favorite sandwich shop.  Each time, I had to chant, 'going home'  to stop me from charging in and getting something decadent.  I finally made it home and ate something, but I feel so out of control.  What a waste of gas.

Why does food have such a hold over my brain?


  1. "Why does food have such a hold over my brain?" Man, if I could answer that question we would be set! You're awesome though, no snacking and all of that temptation! You are strong! I think its just taking one day at a time and trying to do the very best you can each day and with each food decision. That's exactly what you're up to! Sounds like great work to me!

  2. Maybe you could keep some snacks in the car? Like muesli bars.
    It sucks when the hunger bug hits while driving, coz we have to drive past all the delicious places. So an emergancy pack is great! :o)

  3. The hardest part for me as a food addict is, well, food.

    You have to have it to sustain, survive. It's mostly mental too.

    Good job on doing well. :)

  4. You doing okay Missa? Been a couple weeks since you posted. Just checking in on you...

  5. I have never been to NYC. But it is on my bucket list. :)

    Food overtakes my thoughts many times to. I hate that.