Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yummy Eats & Cruise Prep Begins

You know, I never talk about the yummy food I eat and the fun stuff I do to food to make it taste better.

1.  I use spices.  Spice does not necessarily mean heat.  Spice means flavor.  I am a huge fan of using different spices to change up the taste of your food.  My faves:  coriander, dried mustard, paprika, ginger, basil, cilantro.  Sometimes, I use them all, sometimes just one.  When you can, fresh herbs work too.  Rosemary, thyme and parsley rock fresh.  In fact, you can even buy them fresh-frozen now.  I get them sometimes in what looks like mini-ice-cube trays.

2.  I like nuts.  I really like almond and peanut butter.  However, it is really high in fat, so a little has to go a long way.  So, to help this along.  I use peanut dust.  Ever try this?  check this website out:  http://www.bellplantation.com/  PB2 rocks.  You can even get it with chocolate! 

3.  I use salsas.  I have 4 different types in my fridge right now.  a.  Peach Mango Salsa b. Chipotle Salsa c. Green Tomatilla Salsa d. Habanero Chili Lime Salsa.  They can completely change the flavor of a dish.  They can add heat.  They can increase acidity.  I like it on hot and cold dishes.  I almost always use salsa in place of salad dressing.

I am not afraid to change the flavor of anything, even if it is an old faithful dish.  You never know what will happen.  For example:  today for dinner, I added fava beans, chipotle salsa, onions, coriander, mustard powder and CAPERS.  I love capers.  I put them in almost everything I eat. 

The key is these things are low calorie, good for you, and make a huge difference.

So now for something completely different.  I am going on a cruise at the end of the month.  This means I need to go shopping.  I did some yesterday, and I bought a purdy dress.  Here is the model wearing it.  I just might show you guys me in it, but I need to well, buy some undergarments..  :-) 
Dress by Adrianna Papell.  Love their stuff. LOVE. and BTW, they have sizes 2 through 28W!  They sell this in department stores on the East Coast, but you can also order online.  Very true to size.  I am sharing this with the ladies because it absolutely sucks to buy plus size clothing. 


  1. Love the dress - looking forward to seeing a pic of you wearing it. :o)

    I've never heard of peanut dust before - will check it out!

    P x

  2. The dress is darling!! Take a picture so that we can see! :)

    and a big ol' YES to the spices! I LOVE spices! I am currently in the process of planting an herb garden.

    I'm definitely going to check out the peanut butter.

    Have a wonderful cruise!


  3. I see that PB2 stuff only has 3 net carbs. Maybe i'll give it a look.

  4. The dress is adorable! Yes,,,pictures

  5. Never heard of that designer so thanks for the heads up.