Friday, May 7, 2010

My Coach Pisses Me Off

Yesterday, you couldn't get me to do anything without some sort of sigh, or comment, or some sort of ... of negative energy.  I was whinging about everything imaginable. 

Co-workers annoyed meI think I spent 4 hours yesterday spinning my wheels on a project.  I could not get any of my co-workers to get on the same page with me.  In the end, I had to do many pieces of the project myself, and others, I needed to push out their completion dates.  I hate that.

Walking at lunch in the beautiful sunlight annoyed me: I decided to go for a walk at lunch because needed a break.  The weather was nice, but the wind kept blowing my hair in my face, I have a nagging blister on my big toe, and a co-worker who came with me spent the whole walk talking about depressing topics.  Total bummer.

Doing the dishes annoyed me:  I had a whole sink full.  I know it was my turn, but I work all day and I just don't wanna.  Phewy.

My Coach annoyed me:  So, as a result of my utter charm, Sweetheart just said to me, 'that's it.  Get your gear on.  Get out.  Go for a walk, go for a run, go to the gym.  Do what you have to do, but get out.  Move.'
He really pissed me off.  I really wanted to tell him to go @#$#@$.  However, I was feeling pretty crappy, so what the heck, right?

So, I grudgingly put my gear on at 10:30 last night and decided to run my block a few times.  Well, 1 time turned to 2.  2 turned to 4.  In the end I ran 16x's for a total of over 4 miles.  I felt fan-flipping tastic!  I ran 10 minute miles.  I didn't feel tired.  It was perfect turn around to a pissy day. 

I love my Coach.  Who is your coach and how do they piss you off?


  1. Great job on ending the day on a positive note! You'll be rewarded.

  2. Hmmm...I need a coach, too. And a lover. Maybe I find both in one person? Haha.

    Glad that exercise helped!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! No, I didn't color my hair.

  3. What a great way to turn it around! Good for you Missa

  4. Yay for happy endings! sad to see beautiful sunshine go to waste!!

  5. I love your honesty, I love your sassy-ness, and I love that you ended on apositive note :) 10 minute miles??? WHATTT!? that's awesome. I can't run a 10 minute mile! GO YOU!

  6. Oh Missa, you're such a champion. Good for you dear girl. I so look forward to being able to run!!

    AND thank you for noticing that I've been away... I'm flattered. I'm back now... wrote my first blog tonight after a challenging move.

  7. I can not tell you how many times I am having a shitty day and I look up and figure out it is because I did not work-out that morning.

    Then I will go for a run and, I don't know, maybe the endorphins start flowing and "all is right with the world".


    Hey! Thanks!