Monday, May 3, 2010

Month Recap

April was an interesting month.  I started the Fat-Rat Challenge.  I committed no 0 Physical Activity Days.  I hired a personal trainer.  I started C25K.  Big wins all around.

I also lost a total of 7.8 lbs (3/29-5/3).  This is a bit less than I had anticipated for the month, but if I am really honest, I have had at least 1-2 'out of the box' eating days every week.  I have not written everything down.  I also have not been keeping up with my water intake.  So, the line is drawn.  Today, we start clean and get in gear.  H2O + 3 Shakes + 2 Entrees + 5 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables, and that's all folks.

Here is the super big win:  I lost 9.6 inches around my body this month.  How cool.  The biggest change was in my waistline, which I will totally take.  I am so tired of not having a waist.  My clothes definitely appreciate these inches lost.  I appreciate the inches lost!!

So May, what will you bring me?  Fitness goals? Pounds lost?  Snacky cakes?
At the end of the month, I am going on a cruise, which will be an exciting treat.  Bathing suit purchasing is eminent.

Here is to a strong week!  Rock out with your jock out...  erm..  or something like that.


  1. 7.8 is a great loss! And 9.6 inches is an even better number because you can see the results. Keep up the great work! May is your month!

  2. Even though the scale did not budge as much as you wanted you obviously worked hard to lose those inches! Awesome stuff.

    P.S. I did really well at Coldwater Creek this weekend and thought about you!

  3. Hey rockstar, I have something for you in my last post :)

  4. Great Job! and a cruise to boot! Lbs and inches lost.....You GO GIRL!

  5. great job with the pounds and inches lost! pat yourself on the back!

    cruises are so much fun (and food!). something wonderful to look forward to.