Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What the Hell Is a Water Belt?

 I am becoming a bit of a gadget girl.  I needed some sort of way to hydrate myself while still running, since apparently stopping for a drink is for total wussies and amateurs.  Hey, I can run 5 miles.  I am a pro. (insert cough here).

Anyway, I went to my local fancy schmancy running store and asked for a water bottle carrier.  I was told to go to the 'hydration system' section of the store.  Holy crap.  Now, when I am thirsty, I need a system.  A whole friggin' system.  There, I was greeted by the guru of hydration, who must love running more than anything, I suppose.  I mean, who else wants to stand on their feet for hours, talk about 'hydration systems' and get paid minimum wage to talk to a 'pro' like me?!?....  Runners.

Anyway, I was shown bottles that clip to my hand:  too lop-sided,  bladders that zip on to me like a vest: I am not a camel, and the Water Belt.  I chose this one because it fits a 20 oz bottle, and has a little compartment to put my junk.  Simple and sorted. You can check it out here.  <--This is a better deal than I paid.

I tried the belt today during my run.  It was half win, half fail.  It swishes a bit when I run, which I must drown out with the tunes.  I can't figure out how to keep moving and get the bottle back in the holster.  So, I find myself holding the bottle for a while.  However, I am happily hydrated.  Happy Fitness Friends!


  1. It's amazing what you can buy!! Who knew you could buy a water belt. I hope it works well for you!! Hugs!!

  2. Well, I'm sure there's some accessory you can buy to stop the swishing and to guide the bottle back into the belt. Back to the hydration station....

    No, we are not camels!!

  3. LOL @ I am not a camel. I have been going a little gadget crazy myself lately.