Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Save Me From Myself

Today I feel pretty good.  I have upped my fitness again:  I increased the length & frequency of my runs and I have really been putting the effort into my personal training.  As well, I have tried very hard to make sure I get in all my servings of fruit and veggies and drink some water!  I think it has paid off.. I have been losing the past few weeks and feel like I deserve a reward... 

The reward that I want is Pat's Pizzeria take out.  WHY????

Why is that the first thing I think of when it comes to rewards?  Why don't I think of jewelry, or new furniture, or a trip, or hell.. a car.  Nope, I think of a cheese steak, wings, pizza and some sort of dessert.

How do I break this initial thought?  How do I retrain my mind to have a better mapping in my head?  Here is how it goes:

Any ideas to switcheroo it around?

Oh, and I know I owe you guys some progress pics, so this crap ass one from my cell will have to do for the moment till I get home from my business trip. (decor a la Marriott)


  1. I feel the same way. I always think, "Great, I worked out today! That means I can eat an entire tub of ice-cream!" Bad, bad, bad. You are not alone! :)

    No ideas on how to turn that off unfortunately, as I struggle with it myself.

  2. I love your graph!!!! Made me laugh!!! I so get it!!

    I had to start a rewards jar. It's clear and I put my reward money in it ~ I am saving for a charm bracelet from Tiffany's. It's way expensive, but I thought it would be a great reward and a reminder of all of my hard work. Way better than a BK hamburger. Once you eat it you only have more fat to show for your reward instead of a beautiful piece of jewelry!!

  3. It feels good for things to be going the right direction, doesn't it?

  4. Looking good Missa, keep up the great work! :)

  5. I so get you! I self-sabotage ME all the time! Why??? Maybe I need therapy! LOL!